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Our background history

Supporting community and contributing to Planetary Healing one project at a time.

today In October 2003 Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday founded the The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre located at the time at 288 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh.

today In August 2004 The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre was a catalyst supporting and contributing to the start of the project A Roda do Sol in Brazil (in Paraiba) envisioned by Lilian Galvao. With the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre's first input and contribution the project was created to support children affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and poverty. A house was rented and the first Social Mum employed to care for the children arriving in the project. Today A Roda do Sol is an independent charity in Brazil, has its own house and is a centre for the children to go and receive support.

today In February 2005 the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre was a catalyst supporting visionary Sara Beauregard to create Youth Vision in Scotland. Run under the Shamanic Centre and then under the Planetary Healing Centre for over 3 years at the very beginning, Youth Vision offers a unique programme of Rites of Passage for young people age 14 to 21 yrs old in Edinburgh who are experiencing difficulties at school and with society in general. Today Youth Vision in an independent charity with it owns house in the Pentlands counting with over 30 volunteers and 3 paid staff.

today In October 2006, as the Shamanic Centre's work had expanded so much, Claudia and Mark decided that there was a need to have a name to represent everything they were doing. The name of the Charity then changed to Community Foundation for Planetary Healing . It was a call for the coming together of other members of the community in alignment with Mark and Claudia's vision and principle of philantropy awakening our collective capacity to be of service to others. Also known as the Planetary Healing Centre, the organisation then became the umbrella organisation holding the charitable status.

today In October 2007 the Holistic Health Project was created. It is a unique project offering complementary therapies and shamanic healing for people going through challenging times with their health and wellbeing who are in an economical disadvantaged position. The project counts with the support of over 30 volunteers today.

today In August 2008 08.08.08 Claudia and Mark got married in a beatiful Celtic Shamanic Ceremony in the forest in Balerno in the presence of their shamanic community and friends. On their Honeymoon Claudia and Mark went to Brazil and volunteered helping to finish the house for the children from A Roda do Sol project. Love in action!

today In August 2009 Youth Vision project applied for charitable status and was successfull. Youth Vision charity has, since then, gone from strenght to strength working in partnership with schools regularly supporting vulnerable young people in their transition into adulthood. Claudia Goncalves is co-founder and advisor for Youth Vision. As well as offering various programs for young people, Sara and Claudia offer Vision Quest for young people age 16 to 21 once every two years.

today In April 2010 due to more growth and expansion, The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre physically moved to Balerno, South West of Edinburgh, where Claudia and Mark today concentrate on Training Shamanic Practitioners and Energy Healing workers. Groups and classes are still offered in Portobello.

today In February 2011 in order to support the growth of the Holistic Community Health Project, the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre and the Community Foundation for Planetary Healing legally became two independent organisations with the Foundation retaining the charitble status. The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre is today an independent organisation operating from Balerno.

today In April 2012, the Nature Programme Project began in Balerno under the Planetary Healing Centre. Supporting families who are in an economical disadvantaged position, the project promotes and develops positive health and wellbeing through the provision of a wide range of educational activities in nature. This work is based on the renowned world movement "Art of Mentoring".

today In Feb 2013, Claudia began to offer regular Goddess Empowerment for groups and individually, supporting women on their journey of self-empowerment.

today In May 2014, Claudia began to offer Rites of Passage for women for women for groups and individually, offering women a time for sacred ceremony, marking important transitions in their lives.

today In June 2015, the Planetary Bee Project began in Balerno. The aim of this project is to raise awareness about be benefits for the bees and humanity on using a holistic approach to bee keeping. Another thing the project does is to plant bee-friendly flowers and be educational for the children and families who come to the Nature Programmes . The project is proud to be teaching the next generation to love and look after the bees holistically.

today In May 2016, Claudia and Mark began to offer Year 3 - Advanced Training in Shamanism. In May 2016 the Edinburgh Holistic Shop was opened as a social enterprise trading branch of the Planetary Healing charity, with the main objective being to support the Charity financially. Also in May 2016 Claudia and Adele Clarke began Deeping Our Nature Connection, a fantastic work to explore deeper connection with Nature which happens in Falkland. This work is also based on the renowned world movement "Art of Mentoring".

today In October 2016, The Carer's Project began. The carer's project is to support un-paid carers who are struggling with stress and need to replenish in order to help others.

today In August 2017, the Indigneous People's project began. With this project we are having an immediate and direct impact on the survival of many indigenous cultures in Brazil. Each project and indigenous tribe is carefully selected by the co-founders Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday according to what their community needs.

today In October 2018, the Children's Wellbeing project began. The children project began after a community consultation and the need to also support the children holistically.

today In May 2019, the Cancer Holistic Support project began. The statistics today says that 1 in 2 people will have cancer. With this alarming news, with the community consultation done in 2018, with so many people in our community having cancer and with the loss of the Planetary Healing Centre's trustee Anne Henderson to cancer, a need for a project to support those with cancer arose.

Today both, the Planetary Healing Centre and the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre are completely independent of each other and standing on their own feet.