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About Claudia Goncalves

One to one sessions with Claudia

Venue: Shamanic Centre in Balerno, EH14 7JB

Tuesdays weekly in Balerno: 2:30pm and 4pm

Thursdays weekly in Balerno: 2:30pm and 4pm

Some flexibility with the time is possible if you work during the day. Please talk to Claudia directly.


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Claudia Goncalves comes from Brazil. A descendent of the Guarani people, her great-grandmother on the mother side was a native indigenous woman of great spiritual gifts. Her grandmother on the father side was a "benzedeira" (medicine woman) with the gifts of healing and also a "parteira" (dula). Claudia was born in Minas Gerais, central part of Brazil and she holds a deep honour for the Sacred Healing tradition passed down to her from her indigenous grandmothers and rich Shamanic culture.

Claudia started to develop spiritually at age of 13 years old guided by elder Dona Mercedes. This was the start of her spiritual shamanic path which she takes very seriously and with full time dedication.  

When she moved to the UK in 1994 she embarqued on a profound journey of self empowerment. In 2001 her indigenous great-grandmother's spirit came to her in a sweat lodge ceremony and summoned her to "start doing the work". Seclusion, deep inner work receiving teachings directly from the Spirits and training from outside teachers began; a year later, 2002, she started to work as a full time shamanic practitioner serving the community.  

In October 2003 she co-founded The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre with her husband Mark Halliday and today they offer Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 Shamanic Training and Energy Healing work training and summer programme to the community.


In 2005 she co-founded Youth Vision Charity with Sara Beauregard. Youth Vision offers "Rites of Passage" for young people age 14 to 21yrs going through the transitional process from childhood to adulthood. Claudia is the chairperson for Youth Vision which operates in Balerno working with various High Schools in Edinburgh.

Claudia's other Charitable work: Holistic Health Project which she envisioned and started in 2007. Nature Connection for Families which she envisioned and started in 2012. The Planetary Bee Project, which she helped to start in 2015. Deepening our Nature Connection: which she helped to start in 2016. Claudia is also the co-founder and managing director for the Planetary Healing Centre Charity in Portobello.


Claudia also works spiritually with couples who are going through difficult times in their relationship, empowering each person to stand in their power and strength, remove projections from each other, grow spiritually and let their light and love flow.


She also offers the following by donation: Shamanic healing work for children, Rites of Passage ceremonies for young girls, Wedding ceremonies (Handfasting), Baby blessings, Renewal of vows for couples, Release and letting go ceremonies and Funeral Ceremonies.


Rites of Passage, Goddess empowerment and Womb Healing for Women are also part of Claudia's work which can be booked privately for your onw group of women friends.


To keep the inner balance and strength, Claudia is also a DRU Yoga teacher.

In 2009, Claudia was featured in the documentary “The Edge of Dreamingby Scottish film director Amy Hardie.  


A brief description of Claudia from the Book "What to look for in the Winter: A memoir in Blindness" (2010) by Scottish writer Candia McWilliam:


"Shaman-Claudia's personal tone was calm, amused, taken at a magnificently easy pace. It is unusual for the very small to be magnificent. Her own magnificence lay in this: That, like a creature, she was at once serious and weightless. She was one of those rare people from whom you get the strong sense of what the world is to them and how it would be to be loved by them. She was both unstrained and entertaining. It was hard to be defended or harsh near her."




Text: : 075 0443 8763

Note: Text is better as mobile signal is not good around the Pentlands.

One to one sessions with Claudia are 1 1/2 hours and on sliding scale (High / Medium / Low incomes / Benefits / Others)

A session may include the following depending on what you bring to work on: Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Extraction work, Past life work, Connection with your Spirit Guides, Energy Healing.

Exchange: £100 / £80 / £70 / £60 / £50

Shamanic Healing for children: by donation (up to age 17yrs) 1 hour

Support and Supervision for our students: £80 / £60 / £50 per hour. Half an hour or 15 min over the phone also available.

If further concession is needed with costs, please talk to Claudia.