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FEATHER STONE - The Power of Unconditional Love

Level 2 - Feather Stone - Energy Healing work

With Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday


Date: Sat 03rd Nov 2018 - 11am to 6pm in Balerno


Level 2 - Structure of the course


The level 2 involves deeper levels of the work and include:


1) Sounds and voice in the work: Using your voice and sounds to help you to go deeper.

2) Working with your power animals: For when you are working with heavier energies.

3) Working with your Spirit guides: Letting go of the self in order to be a clearer channel.

4) Openning and closing chackras for cleansing, spinning, balancing and aligninment: One of the deepest works in energy healing.

5) Working with addictions: Aura cleasing and balancing for clients who stuggle with any form of addiction.


Level 2 - Circle of Power Ceremony


The Circle of Power Ceremony is a ceremony to integrate deeper levels of bringing in the power for the work. The ceremony brings further deeper remembrance of our ancient healing skills, empowering each individual all the way.

Again, to support this process you are asked to refrain from eating red meat, drinking alcohol, minimize the use of caffeine and if you smoke cut back and smoke as little as possible. All these for three days prior to your training and specially on the day of your training. This will help in your process of purification of the physical body and it will allow the energies to work more efficiently and deeper, as well as create great benefits for you. The 3 days preparation process will bring your body into balance for that process.

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Requirements to receive certificate and start practicing level 2.


1) Case Studies 1 : Do three full healings to three different people. Write down a few paragraphs (maximum one A4 page) about each healing. For example: reasons for the healing, feedback, how do you feel it went, how did the person feel it went. Etc.  You can also do swaps within your group for the Case Studies.

2) Receive: Receive one full healing. It can either be from yourself to yourself or swap with someone in your group.

3) Self Evaluation: Write an account of what you have learned about yourself during the training and while you were doing the case studies. Which areas do you think you need to develop and how might you pursue this self-development (Maximum one A4 page).




Exchange for the Training


The course is offered on a sliding scale according to financial means.


Level 2: £180 / £150 / £110 / £95 (high / medium / low income / benefits) - 1 day training.


Those who feel the call to do this training but are restricted financially, please contact us to discuss dividing it into instalments. We would like our trainings to be accessible to people of all financial means


Setting up a practice and Insurance

We will give you all the support needed to start and continue practicing your healing work. Once all your case studies are done and presented you can register for insurance.

If you have a website we can also add a link from our website to yours.

Recommended exchange for you to charge for one hour session: £40 / £30/ £20 (medium/ low income / benefits). This varies from therapist to therapist and is for guidance only. Your inner guides can help you make this decision.


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Please check the "Teachings" page for some teaching notes and a download about the Feather Stone work.


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