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Mark Halliday

One to one sessions with Mark

Venue: Planetary Healing Centre: 288 Portobello High Street, EH15 2AS

NOTE: Mark will be out of the country in July and Dec 2018.

Wednesdays weekly in Portobello: 4:15pm or 5:45pm

Fridays weekly in Portobello: 4:15pm or 5:45pm

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Mark Halliday is an inspirational teacher who holds unconditional love and compassion at heart together with incredible light coming through from his soul and guides. He is reknowed for his shamanic healings and readings work within the community.


In 2005 he had the honour to volunteer, live and work with the Navahos where he assimilated a lot of teachings which inspires his work up to today.


An intuitive healer, a channel for Spirit, and an experienced healer of animals and people, whether channeling spirit guides, universal healing energy or supporting personal growth through soul recovery, Mark’s work flows from the heart.


After many requests from the community, Mark recorded his Shamanic Healing Meditation CD "Sacred body, sacred breath" which can be found at our Holistic Shop in Portobello.


His books "Renegade Blue"and "Otherwordly" can be found at


Mark brings ancient knowledge to us through his guides from the world of Spirit.


He lives with his wife Claudia Goncalves and his two step children in Balerno.











Text: 075 0443 8763

Note: Text is better as mobile signal is not good around the Pentlands.

Mark Halliday


Shamanic session may include the following depending on what you bring to work on for the session: Shamanic healing, Soul Retrieval, Extraction work, Past life work, Energy Healing work, Connection with your Spirit Guides.

Healing session exchange: £100 / £80 / £70 / £60 / £50 ( 1 and 1/2 hours)

Reading session exchange: £60 / £50 (40 minutes)

Combination of Healing and Reading: £100 / £80 / £70 / £60 / £50 ( 1 and 1/2 hour)

Exchages are on slidding scale: High, medium, low income, benefits, others.

Support and Supervison for our students: £80 / £60 / £50 per hour. Half an hour or 15 min over the phone also available.