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With Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday

Starting date: 24th 25th Nov 2018

 Commitment to complete the whole course. Have worked with Mark and Claudia either as a one to one session or participated in one of our drop in groups.


Booking: Please send us an email saying: 1) What inspires you to take part in this work with us? 2) What would you like to gain from it? 3) Do you have any special requirements or needs?  4) What support do you feel you need? 5) What do you intend to do with the teachings received?


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Year 1 Foundation Training in Shamanism - Edinburgh


24th 25th Nov 2018 Walking the Shaman's Path
02nd 03rd Mar 2019 Introduction to the Medicine Wheel
27th 28th Apr 2019 The Natural movement of Energy in Healing
08th 09th Jun 2019 The Path of the Spiritual Warrior
21st 22nd Sep 2019 Ceremonies and Nature


Times: Arrival 10:30am for registration and tea. Start 11am finish 6pm both days.


About the Course

The Year 1 Foundation Training in Shamanic course is for those who want to go deeper in their self-development while walking their spiritual path, as well as, for those who wish to develop their gifts and become a shamanic practitioner by answering a call from Spirit and training further.


Meeting more or less every three Months, the course is designed to help you build a solid inner foundation as an individual and or as a shamanic practitioner if you choose to persue the path further.




Walking the Shaman's Path


It is through understanding and experiencing different realities that the shaman is able to move between worlds bringing the gift of healing for self and his community. When we master moving between realms, allies and powers are identified to assist with the healing at hand or simply with our daily life. Walking the Shaman's Path covers journeying into the spirit world to connect with our guides and power animals. Journeying for the self and journeying for a friend.


Introduction to the Medicine Wheel


By understanding, feeling and bringing the teachings of the Medicine Wheel into our body and our life, we will always have a map to refer to and to shows us exactly where we are. This way we can remove or heal blockages and move forward at ease. By navigating with this map we can access more of our potential power, find our centre and live a more balanced, authentic and fulfilled life. The teachings of Medicine wheel also covers the pshycological, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of the self.


The Natural movement of Energy in Healing


Life is energy. All physical and spiritual sensation is, on all levels, energy vibrating. What we and others experience as depression, fear, stress, negative thoughts and bad feelings are energies vibrating at "low" frequencies. Energy transformation, energetic healing, aura cleansing and self awareness are some techniques to transform energies and expand into our full potential as human beings and healers. Healers of the self, others and our planet.


The Path of the Spiritual Warrior


The Spiritual Warrior's battle is concerned with the inner life far more than the outer life. Her/his path is the path of great understanding of the self and the Universe around us. Healing of the self and consequently people and planetary healing is possible through the inner journey of awakening the warrior, overcoming the ego's limitations and engaging the enemy within, then seek vision and manifest that vision into the world. The Spiritual Warrior seeks visions that benefits all and is centred in love.


Ceremonies and Nature


We close our programme integrating what we have learned over the past year with the understanding and the experience of creating ceremony. With the Ceremonies and Nature programme we celebrate who we are, our visions and dreams and how they can be manifested into the world. Nature then becomes our teacher.


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Exchange for the training in Edinburgh


Year 1: Instalments of £176 / £144 / £127 / £110  (high / medium / low income / benefits) paid at the weekend that we meet.


Important Notice: Once accepted in the course you are commited to paying all weekends including the ones you miss and you will be able to do your catch up on the following year if you really need to miss a weekend.


It is our wish to include everyone who feel drawn to our work and are ready for this course, therefore, the prices for our courses are on a sliding scale. For those restricted financially, you can divide the weekend cost in instalments. If you need that, please talk to us, or if you need to pay in a different date that your group meets, that is also fine; we are flexible and happy to help.



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What to bring


A notebook you can use the whole year for the course.


Food: Please bring food to share. We will have access to an oven and a cook to warm up the food. We normally take 1 hr break for lunch around 2pm. There is also a Co-operative 3 min by car from where we are.


Clothes: Weather permitting we will also work outdoors. Please bring with you warm outdoors clothes.




Please note: we are not able to offer accommodation. We recommend these B&Bs near by: click here.


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Modules of the course


Exchange for the course


What to bring