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Updated 03/05/12
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With Claudia Goncalves

Sun 26th March 2017 (Mothers day) - 2pm to 7pm in Portobello - sharing food afterwards.



Creating sacred space and calling in your own personal Goddess(s) and women in your life that you feel called to bring into the sacred space.

The Goddess work will also be supported by Sacred Sound Healing facilitated by Claudia on the day.


The Physical body

Preparing the physical body: "The energy and flow sequence" to help us access our own potential, tap into our inner resources and ground compassion for the self and for others.


The Energetic body

The Chakra Cleansing with the support of Sacred Sound Healing opens awareness, clears the pathways and raises your vibration.

Anchoring, balancing and activating our chakras speeds our spiritual evolution process along and you will never be given more than you can withstand for your highest good at any given time. Your Higher Self knows how many chakras you are ready to activate and work from.


The Spiritual body

So many of us hold spiritual dreams and visions in our energetic body or in our mind but find it difficult to manifest them in the physical world. The Goddess work is to help you with that manifestation work.


After the preparation of each body, the process of empowerment brings your "spiritual dreams and visions" from your energetic body down into each chakra. This way the Goddess can come through you more fully helping your spiritual life purpose to be manifested in the physical world.


The Empowerment

The empowerment is achieved with pure and strong intent and energetic changes take place metaphysically in the chakras, in the aura and the physical body.


The empowerment has the intent to awaken and enhance your spiritual purpose in this life time, supporting you to live from your Higher Self in the now moment at all times.


Your Higher Self will work with you for your highest good in this now moment. Nothing more, and nothing less. Divinely perfect for you. 



To support the empowerment, you are asked to refrain from eating red meat, drinking alcohol, minimize the use of caffeine and if you smoke cut back and smoke as little as possible during that week. This will help in your process of purification of the physical body and it will allow the energies to work more efficiently and deeper, as well as create great benefits for you detoxing the body.

This work will open you for the Goddess energy and the Energy and flow sequence and the Chakra cleansing work with Sacred Sound Healing helps to bring your energy into balance for your inner Goddess to come more through you.


What people say about the Goddess Empowerment

"Real life changing and very powerful work"

" I feel I am walking far and far step by step and it feels so fully and lively! Thank you again!"

" So beautiful! It gave me everything to carry on the work: I have been doing water ceremonies in the Highlands since the Goddess work! Powerful work! "

" I have felt a real awakening, a return to my connection to the Goddesses I have not experience in 10 years and a stronger shielding and protection. "

"The Goddess empowerment was a huge awakening. The last 2 days have been a revelation in many ways, I feel empowered and energised and the messages which are coming to me are a very strong calling to work with the energies."

" I had wanted to speak to you about working with women after the goddess empowerment"

" I have sat in meditation yesterday and today for a while in my bedroom feeling the energy and it was beautiful so I will create an altar for my Goddess".








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Booking: 075 0443 8763


Space for 8 women. Booking on a first come, first served basis.



£60 / £50 / £40 / £30 (high, medium, low income, benefits)

Please talk to Claudia if further concesssion is needed.


What to bring:

01) Flowers for yourself.

02) Pictures of goddesses and women in your life.

03) Sacred objects you would like to put in the altar.

04) Light food to share afterwards. Paper plates, cups and cuttlery will be provided.


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Can I participate in the Goddess empowerment if I have already been once?

Yes, as many times as the Goddess calls you. There is always some new elements to the work as it is according to the energy of the group.


You might also like to start facilitating Goddess empowerment to other women. Talk to Claudia about it and she will be delighted to support you.






















This is Claudia's 19th Goddess empowerment