"Re-awakening ancient wisdom in our modern society."


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Updated 03/05/12
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 Updated 30th Oct 2017


Supporting Community and contributing to Planetary Healing one project at a time.

Who we are

The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre is a small organisation, founded in 2003 by Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday, working deep, doing, creating, co-creating beautiful work in the community.

Passionate by the Shamanic ways of being and living, we work closely and supporting community in so many ways and levels. We have a deep commitment to the ancestral ways, teaching the ways of living from the heart, the ways of harmony, humility, self-empowerment and treading lightly on our Earth Mother.

What inspires us

Our inspiration comes from the examples of indigenous communities all around the world where since the very beginning of human times, they always worked together for the benefit of the whole, working in communion with Great Spirit to receive and pass on deep spiritual teachings, blessings and healing.

What we do

We offer Year 1, 2 and 3 of Shamanic training, Level 1, 2 and 3 of Energy Healing training, weekly Classes and groups,  Shamanic sessions, Divination, Ceremonies, Rites of Passage for Women, Goddess Empowerment, Sweat Lodges, Youth Vision Quest, Community events and so much more. We work with people from all backgrounds and from many parts of the world.

How we work

Our work is always moved by great joy, gratitude, a deep sense of responsibility, deep commitment and service to our Earth Mother and to all Her children.

With our Shamanic work, we help people manifest their dreams and visions. We help people to empower themselves and find the inner voice of Great Spirit within. Guided by that inner voice and coming from the heart, one begins to remember who they truly are, becomes happy, stronger, secure and confident.

With whom we work

We work with people  of all races, creeds and beliefs. People of all ages, abilities and background come to the Shamanic Centre to find thier own inner power and spiritual authority. We help them to find the answers that lies within.

Needing empowerment, self-belief, healing, clarity or direction? All you need to do is contact us. We are here always happy to serve. We serve with humility and great joy in our hearts, supported by our loving Guides.

Like you, Mark and Claudia are also seekers of truth and self-empowerment.


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Ayahuasca culture, spirituality and science

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Essay by Claudia Goncalves: Sound Healing in Ayahuasca ceremonies


Ayahuasca Ceremonies

NOTE: We do not offer Ayahuasca ceremonies at the Shamanic Centre, however, we do recommend and regularly visit places in the Brazilian Amazon with indigenous communities where we learn about the medicine. If you are interested, please contact Claudia and she will be delighted to give you information. Because of its traditional healing, spiritual properties and wide use by various groups in South America, Ayahuasca is part of our cultural heritage in Brazil. If you need any help or info regarding the topic of Ayahuasca, please check the links above or contact Claudia.



Spirit Guides - Claudia Goncalves

Wounded Healer - Mark Halliday






Upcoming events:


09th Nov: Sacred Sound Journey


18th 19th Nov: Year 1 Foundation Shamanism


02nd Dec: Level 2 - Feather Stone


03rd Dec: Goddess Empowerment


14th Dec: Sacred Sound Journey


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Documentary film "The Edge of Dreaming" by Scottish film maker Amy Hardie and contributor Claudia Goncalves







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