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The Foundation Training in Shamanism

The gift and blessing of a new reality - By Marc-John Brown

When I first began my “Foundation Training in Shamanism” course with Cláudia Gonçalves and Mark Halliday I knew very little about Shamanism and its significance.


I completed the whole year of training, minus one weekend of workshops – the “warrior” training. I had to wait one more year to be able to join another group of Cláudia and Mark's students for a weekend and complete this apparently vital warrior work. This is where I truly realised the meaning of what Cláudia and Mark, with their timeless wisdom and compassionate understanding, had told me all along about the fact that in many cases, much time is needed for these profoundly transformative teachings to properly “integrate” into a person's consciousness.


Throughout the entire year previous to this last weekend of training I had witnessed myself growing phenomenally inside; forging a totally unique, powerful understanding and relationship with life and the nature that surrounds us – both within and outwith the five senses. This in turn helped me to realise much of my own potential as an integral part of nature; as a human being; as a man; as a healer – as a Shaman. I realised that there was a deep reason as to why I had missed the warrior training, and I now felt more complete with a fuller understanding of the – at times – extremely difficult challenges which the Shamanic Path can present to it's apprentices. Challenges which are difficult but on the other side of which lie life's most beautiful and empowering fruits.


I now feel that the teachings of these two inspirational, wholly integral and balanced people – these fountains of ancient wisdom and beacons of service to our community – have provided me with the blessing of a completely New Reality where the Truth of my purpose and lifepath sits in a very clear vision. I feel continuous growth and empowerment with each and every breath I take, and as Cláudia and Mark will tell you, these gifts are our birth right and are readily available for every single person on this planet.

For me, the Foundations in Shamanism course has been a simply amazing awakening to the breathtaking Reality that is this massive, weaving and spiralling, eternal adventure of Life.


Marc-John Brown
Edinburgh, 21st February 2012







Marc John Brown and Claudia Goncalves


Claudia Goncalves and Marc John Brown