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Earth Lodge Ceremony

account_circle  facilitated by Claudia Goncalves

today  date and time agreed with you.  Usually Earth lodges happens during the week .

  Exchange: £330 | £300 | £280 | £240
( high income £330 / medium income £300 / low income £280 / benefits £240 )

Note: there is no charge for the hours you will spend at the ceremony in your Earth Lodge. The exchange is the 2 hours Claudia will spend with you on counselling and preparation before and 2 hours after your ceremony.

for more info text or call   phone  0750 443 8763

Without the distraction of the outside world, the Earth Lodge is a way to turn to your inner wisdom and find your deeper self. You stay in a lodge in complete darkness connecting with your guides for answers and guidance.  With the support and connection of your Inner Council, you can receive answers to your deepest questions, receive guidance, support and healing from your guides.

If it is your first Earth Lodge, you will be in the lodge for 24 hrs, if second lodge, then it can be 36 hrs or 48 hours depending on your choice and if you are ready.  We do an Earth Lodge when we have a desire for deep healing and transformation, when we feel the need to stop, re-evaluate our lives, receive guidance from within tapping into our inner source of wisdom and Great  Spirit.

The Earth Lodge I offer is a standalone ceremony: First you will connect with your inner council: the wisdom that lives within you. You will be invited to state your intent, the reason why you are doing the Earth Lodge. It is important that you are clear on the reasons why you are entering the Earth Lodge. We will spend 1 1/2 hours doing this part of the work. 

Then you will enter the Sacred Lodge to receive the answers you are seeking. You will stay in darkness for 24 hours, 36 or 48 hours in ceremony for  this part of the work.  

On your return we will sit in council where I will listen to your story and the deep understanding that cames to you during your ceremony. We will spend another 1 1/2 hours on this part of the work.  As your outside guide, my work is to keep you safe, listen and hold you with love and prayers during your ceremony.