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Shamanic and Nature Immersion

summer programme

This summer we are offering again Shamanic and Nature Immersion programme at the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre and woodland. An opportunity for camping overnight is available for each weekend of the programme. A beautiful programme of shamanic workshops, nature immersion and ceremonies.

This is a rare opportunity for new people to work with Claudia and Mark without the commitment of a year. You can attend 1 day or 2 days, 1 weekend or 4 weekends of inspiring shamanic work, sacred fire, sound, ceremonies, nature and deep shamanic teachings.Bookings in advance recommended as groups fill up very quickly.

dates of the summer programme

03 & 04 Aug 2019
Shamanic Immersion and Sound
10 & 11 Aug 2019
Nature Immersion and Sweat Lodge
17 & 18 Aug 2019
Energy Healing and Soul Retrieval
24 & 25 Aug 2019
Ceremonies around the Medicine Wheel

schedule  11am - 6pm : arrival 10:30am for registration and tea. You can book one day or both days.

place  Balerno. Full address given when you book.

Pre-requirement: There is no pre-requisite for this programme - with the questions below we are just trying to learn a bit about you so that the work is tailored to your needs.

Note: Mark and Claudia work very intuitively with the group. Questions are incouraged in the Sacred circle as it helps to tailor the work to the group's needs and helps them decide how deep the work can go.


Please send us an email saying:

  1. Your full name and mobile number
  2. If you have any experience working shamanically.
  3. Do you have any special requirements or needs: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual?
  4. Which weekends would you like to book?

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The Programme

Join us for two days of self empowerment within the healing beauty of nature, learning to deepen our knowledge, heal our wounds and transform energies employing timeless shamanic approaches. At this weekend we will cover: Power Animals, The Tree of Life covering all 3 worlds, Chakra totem, Journeying for the self and for another person.

Whenever our ancestors needed guidance, healing or knowledge they turned to nature. In receiving guidance from Nature we too will return to the sacred ways of our ancestors, restoring balance to the mind, recovering strength to our spirit and love in our soul. We will will enter the sweat lodge to purify and re-birth ourselves.

The weekend will include shamanic teachings on Saturday with preparation for the sweat lodge that will happen on Sunday. The teachings will include the cosmology of the sweat lodge, the meaning of the stone ceremony, the meaning of the fire ceremony, the teachings of the 4 directions, the connection to the spirit world, the meaning of entering the womb of the Earth mother, etc. First day is preparation and teachings and second day is the sweat lodge.

Please read all the information about the preparation for the sweat lodge on our page.

At this life changing weekend we will work with the elemental powers, plants and animals to heal ourselves and our relations in an inspiring journey of self discovery. Discover energy healing and how your life can be changed by identifying and bringing more energies into your life that nurure you. A weekend to restore your energy system and re-connect with people from a place of deep unconditional love. Soul retrieval work will be part of the work at the weekend for self healing and self empowerment.

The power of ceremony within the Medicine Wheel is a profound experience. Working in the beauty of our Balerno woodland and sacred garden, Claudia and Mark will pass on to you the teachings of the Medicine Wheel as well as hold Sacred ceremonies related to each direction of the Wheel. Go home feeling you have stepped through the threshold of limitations and blockages and walk the path to freedom, empowerment and joy.

Exchange for the programme

The programme is offered on a sliding scale according to financial means. high | medium | low income | benefits

  1 day: £70 | £60 | £50 | £45

  2 days: £140 | £120 | £100 | £90

It is our wish to include everyone who feel drawn to our work and are ready for this programme, therefore, the prices for our courses are on a sliding scale. For those restricted financially, you can divide the weekend cost in instalments. If you need that, please talk to us, or if you need to pay in a different date that your group meets, that is also fine; we are flexible and happy to help.

Online deposit payment - £45

If you are abroad please use the PayPal button below for your deposit. If you are in the UK, your deposit can be done via bank transfer. The deposit secures your place after you have sent your email to book.

£45 deposit secures your place

What to bring

A notebook, food to share. We will have access to an oven and a cook to warm up the food. We normally take 1 hr break for lunch around 2pm. There is also a Co-operative 3 min by car from where we are if it is easier for you to contribute to the table.

Clothes: We will work outdoors and inside a yurt or a bell tent. Please bring with you warm outdoors clothes. If coming for the Sweat Lodge, please bring swimming costume. Please read all preparation for the Sweat Lodge.


If you have a tent, you are welcome to camp at the weekend. We ask for a £10 donation per night for our The Planetary Healing Charity. If you would like a B&B, we recommend these B&B nearby.