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Vision Quest

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today  20 to 28 Aug 2020  4 places
account_circle Guides: Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday

place  Woodland and adjacent farm in Balerno

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Rites of Passage

The Vision Quest as Rites of Passage has been used throughout the world, for thousands of years, as the most direct and powerful way to contact guidance, inspiration, renewal and the sacred view. When a person is ready, he or she will go on a personal, spiritual quest under the guidance of a Vision Quest guide. He/she will then stay alone in the wilderness fasting. While in there, his/her intent is to commune with nature, find oneself and the intended life direction.

There are many variations of wilderness fasting quests. We use a form which has been drawn from ancient times and adapted to meet the needs of people of our times.

On quest, a person can receive deep and powerful insights into their true nature, contact the purpose of their lives, receive their spiritual name and mark the transition into a new phase of life with a deep understanding and respect for the interconnectedness of all life.

For thousands of years people have been going into the Wilderness to seek solace and wisdom for themselves and their people. Many cultures share a traditional Rite of Passage, a period in which the individual is tested alone in a wilderness place, emerging as a changed and stronger person.

In early times, among more traditional or tribal cultures, the transitions of life were clearly defined. Birth, childhood, adulthood, marriage, old age and death were formalized with rites of passage. In modern culture, life transitions are not so clearly defined. In the process of technological development, our culture has lost this system of meaningful ritual.

The structure we use for the Vision Quest includes pre-counselling, connecting with nature, fasting and "mirrowing" back to you the spiritual significance of your story on your return.

Participants are encouraged to apply their own values, beliefs or faiths to their experience.

NOTE: During the weekend of your Vision Quest, the day time of Sat and Sun will be open to members of the community to join in for the Teachings of the 4 Shields. They will be the community that witness and support you while you are entering the threshold of your Rites of Passage. They are also the community you Quest for as we don't do a Vision Quest for ourselves only. Part of a Vision Quest is to ask Spirit to show us how we can be of service to our people, so that meeting with the community in the threshold is an important part of your work.

What Claudia Goncalves says

  I feel really honoured to have had the old ways of Rites of Passage of Vision Quest passed down to me and I feel blessed to be able to serve my community in this way. As well as going through Vision Quest and Earth Lodge myself many times, I have over two years of formal training as a Vision Quest facilitator. I have years of experience facilitating and co-facilitating Vision Quest for adults and also for young people at Youth Vision, another charity I co-founded. I am also co-founder and a volunteer of the Planetary Healing Centre and that is my way of being of service to the community. I have a wide range of experience facilitating work, supporting community and facilitating different Rites of Passage for people of all ages and background. It will be an honour to guide you through your Quest and I feel humbled by it.  

Exchange for Vision Quest

  Exchange: £650

NOTE: there is no charge for the 4 days you will spend in ceremony in your Vision  Quest, the exchange is for the days Claudia and Mark will spend with you counselling, giving teachings and preparation before and after your Vision Quest ceremony.

In order to secure your place, a non refundable deposit of £250 is required and the rest is paid before your Vision Quest dates. Please contact us for more information on how to apply. 


  Dear Claudia and Mark

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you both for all your work and care leading up to and during my vision quest. I have felt very supported through the whole process thanks to your attention to detail and your wisdom, imparted – as always- with a large slice of fun and a lot of laughter!

The quest was a truly powerful, amazing experience. It was beautiful to be held by nature (yes even with that wind) and to receive her healings and teachings. Your mirroring back was incredible and made everything so much clearer. There are many important details in there that I would have overlooked.

It is certainly going to take a while for everything to settle in and to fully realise the impact of the teachings I have been blessed with and the answers to my questions.

And how wonderful to have three new sisters!! We all got on so well and there has been a special bond forged that I think only going through this sort of 'adventure' together would have created.

Life is SO good.

Thank you! you are two very special people.

With gratitude and so much love.   From D. R.