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Updated 03/05/12
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Facilitator: Claudia Goncalves

14th May 2017 - 11am to 7pm ( few places left)

Venue: The Planetary Healing Centre, 288 Portobello High Street, EH15 2AS


Moving from one stage of life into another means great changes in the psyche and a Rites of Passage Ceremony is a way to facilitate and mark this change.


This work offers you a time for sacred ceremony witnessed by the love and wisdom of other women sitting in the Sacred Circle with you. Rites of Passage ceremonies connect all women to each other in a deep and meaningful way.


This Rites of Passage Ceremony is deeply rooted in the old Shamanic ways and is to support, guide and celebrate you through the transitions in your life.  


The Rites programme

1) Sacred Rites Ceremony

2) Unveiling the Self Ceremony supported by Sacred Sound Healing

3) Death Ceremony

4) Celebration


What to bring


1) Seven veils or scarfs (I have some you can borrow if you don't have 7)

2) A notebook

3) Flowers for yourself

4) Food to share aferwards if you can stay.







To book text: 075 0443 8763


Space for 8 women. Booking on a first come first served basis


Exchange: £60 / £50 / £40 / £30 (high, medium, low income, benefits).

Please talk to Claudia if further concession is needed.


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