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One-on-one sessions with Mark

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today  Wednesdays or Fridays.

schedule  Shamanic Healing, Reading, Sessions for couples, a Combination of Reading with Energy healing, Mentorship.

place   In person in Balerno, Edinburgh or from the comfort of your home with a live video call.

NOTE: Cancelations less than 24 hours incour full payment.

TIMES ONLINE: If you are booking from abroad, please choose the UK time zone

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NOTE:   Mark offers sessions in person or via live video calls. The effectiveness of the work is the same as the Spirits are not limited by time or space.


Info about prices

The pricing for a 90-minute session operates on a sliding scale, allowing you to choose the payment option that aligns with your financial circumstances. We respect your privacy and do not inquire about your specific salary. Instead, we trust you to determine which scale is appropriate for you. The following scales are provided: high income, medium income, low income, benefits and others.

Shamanic Healing Session

  exchange: £140 | £120 | £100 | £80 | £60

high / medium / low income / benefits / others

A session may include the following depending on what you bring to work on: Soul Retrieval, Extraction work, Past life work, Connection with your Spirit Guides, Energy Healing, Power retrieval.


Sessions for couples

  exchange: £140 | £120 | £100 | £80 | £60

high / medium / low income / benefits / others

Each session is designed to provide a comprehensive experience that combines transformational healing with the powerful techniques of shamanic cleansing.



Tailor made 90 min mentorship: in person or via live video call.

sliding scale: high / medium / low income / benefits / others.


  90 min exchange: £140 | £120 | £100 | £80 | £60


Reading Session

A 30 min reading with Mark is possible in person or via live video call. Prices are on a sliding scale.

  exchange: £70 | £60 | £50 | £40 |

high / medium / low income / benefits

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with UK regulations, it is important to advertise readings as "for entertainment purposes only." It is essential to recognize that readings are subjective and in the realm of spirituality, they may pertain to the past, present, or future. When interpreting your reading, it is crucial to rely on your intuition and exercise discernment.


Combination of Reading with Energy Healing

  exchange: £140 | £120 | £100 | £80 | £60

high / medium / low income / benefits / others

A combination session is usually a reading and energy healing work to balance and align your energy field. A combination session takes 90 min.

If you are facing long-term issues that require extensive work, we highly recommend booking full shamanic healing sessions dedicated solely to addressing those specific challenges. This allows for ample time to thoroughly engage in the necessary healing work.

About Mark

Mark Halliday Mark is an inspirational teacher who embodies unconditional love, compassion, and a profound connection to the light of his soul and spirit guides. He is renowned for his exceptional shamanic healing and readings within the community.

In 2005, Mark had the incredible opportunity to volunteer, live, and work with the Navahos, an experience that deeply enriched his spiritual journey and continues to inspire his work to this day. With his intuitive healing abilities and the ability to channel Spirit, Mark has gained extensive expertise in healing both animals and people. Whether he is channeling spirit guides, harnessing universal healing energy, or facilitating personal growth through soul recovery, Mark's work flows directly from his heart.

In response to the community's overwhelming requests, Mark has created a powerful Shamanic Healing Meditation CD called "Sacred Body, Sacred Breath." This transformative meditation offers a profound journey of healing and spiritual growth.

You can also experience Mark's transformative meditations on a weekly basis through online sessions. Simply click on "Events" from the menu above to explore the upcoming meditation sessions and embark on a soul-nourishing experience.

His books Renegade Blue, Otherwordly and Throwback can be found at

Mark Halliday lives in Balerno with his wife Claudia Goncalves and their two stepchildren. Drawing upon ancient wisdom and guidance from the realm of Spirit, Mark channels profound knowledge to enrich our lives.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing focuses on addressing the spiritual and psychic aspects of illnesses, perceiving them as energies that have manifested in inappropriate places or forms. These energetic imbalances often hinder the person's life force, preventing the natural balance and flow. The primary objective of Shamanic Healing is to remove energy blockages, retrieve lost soul fragments, and restore harmony, ultimately revitalizing the person's energy and spirituality.

Healing occurs when a transformation, shift, expansion, or improvement takes place within an individual. It can manifest on emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual levels. Shamanic work specifically aims to heal and restore the spirit at the soul level, understanding that such healing often has a profound ripple effect on other aspects of one's being.

However, true healing cannot transpire if a person remains disempowered. Therefore, the initial step in Shamanic Healing is to empower the individual. This is achieved by invoking the person's spirit helpers and establishing a connection between them. These spirit helpers provide power, energy, and unwavering support throughout the healing process.

Spiritual traditions may differ, but common spirit helpers include angelic beings, ancestors, indigenous peoples, power animal spirits, and other luminous beings associated with the person's own spiritual path. These benevolent beings willingly offer their service to assist in the healing journey.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is a profound healing practice that addresses the effects of trauma, whether big or small, on our spiritual essence. When we experience trauma, a part of our soul, our very essence, may separate from our body and seek safety elsewhere, leaving us to cope or survive. Sometimes, we may unintentionally give away fragments of ourselves to those we love, or through abuse and neglect, we may lose vital aspects of our soul. This process of soul loss serves as a coping mechanism for our mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

As human beings, we possess an innate adaptation mechanism for survival, and this mechanism allows a part of our essence, our life force, to exist in other dimensions. However, when soul loss occurs, we are left with an indescribable feeling that something essential is missing from within. It may manifest as a sense of disconnection, lack of presence, confusion, a struggle to find clarity or purpose, being trapped in cycles of suffering and pain, or even experiencing depression and intrusive thoughts. Childhood trauma is often a significant catalyst for the need for soul retrieval.

Through the guidance of a skilled shamanic practitioner, our inner helpers and spiritual allies reveal the number of soul parts that need to be reintegrated to address specific challenges in our lives. When healing occurs at the soul level and the reunion takes place, it often triggers transformative effects in all other aspects of our being. Despite its simplicity, soul retrieval stands as one of the most potent forms of shamanic healing, unlocking deep layers of healing and restoration.

Extraction Work: cleansing and clearing intrusive energies

One of the most common concerns presented to Shamanic practitioners is the presence of intrusive energies within a person's energetic field. When there is a hole or vulnerability in the energy field, negative energies can enter and take residence in that space. Over time, these energies can manifest as negative thoughts, inappropriate behavior towards others, physical ailments or pain, and at times, even intrusive and self-destructive thoughts. It is worth noting that these energies may also originate from external sources, such as envy, ill intentions, or directed anger from others.

During an extraction session, the Shamanic practitioner skillfully identifies the intrusion and facilitates its removal from the person's energetic field. This ancient healing technique requires the practitioner to possess sufficient power, emphasising the importance of cultivating a delicate balance between determination and compassion. This equilibrium is fundamental for the success of an extraction work.

By conducting extraction work, we aim to cleanse and clear the individual's energetic field, restoring harmony, balance, and overall well-being. The removal of intrusive energies enables the person to regain their energetic sovereignty, freeing them from the detrimental effects caused by these unwelcome forces.

Through this transformative practice, individuals can experience a renewed sense of vitality, clarity, and empowerment as they embark on their healing journey.

Past Life Work: Exploring the Depths of the Soul's Journey

As the boundaries between the spiritual and physical realms continue to diminish, an increasing number of individuals seek shamanic assistance to address the challenges originating from past life experiences. Recognising that we are multidimensional beings, walking the shamanic path allows us to transcend the constraints of time. Through this remarkable journey, we can delve into past lives to facilitate profound healing and transformation.

Past life exploration has emerged as a powerful avenue for understanding and resolving present-day issues rooted in the tapestry of previous incarnations. By venturing into these depths, we gain insights into the interwoven threads of our soul's journey and unlock the wisdom and lessons embedded within.

In the realm of shamanic practice, time becomes an illusion as we navigate through the corridors of past lives, shedding light on unresolved traumas, patterns, and connections. By embracing this transformative process, we create space for healing purposes, allowing the energies of past experiences to be acknowledged, integrated, and released.

Engaging in past life work enables us to transcend the limitations of the present moment, accessing a broader perspective and a deeper understanding of ourselves. It opens pathways for profound self-discovery, self-healing, and spiritual growth, fostering a profound connection to the tapestry of our soul's journey.

Through the shamanic lens, we embark on an extraordinary voyage into the mysteries of the past, reclaiming fragments of our essence, and weaving them into the tapestry of our present lives.

Energy Healing Work: Purifying and Harmonizing the Energy Field

The practice of energy healing is dedicated to cleansing and restoring balance within the intricate tapestry of your energy field. Through the unwavering presence of unconditional love and the channeling of healing energy and support, this transformative work elevates your vibration and gently dissolves any stagnant or blocked energies that hinder your well-being. It is a process that nurtures and strengthens your energy field, offering multifaceted support in various aspects of your life.

With utmost integrity and humility, Mark serves as a conduit for pure and powerful energy. This sacred connection enables the energy to penetrate deep within, reaching the core of your being. By releasing energetic blockages and discordant vibrations, this healing work allows you to experience profound shifts and transformation on all levels of your existence.

Through the focused intention coming from Mark, the energy healing journey unfolds, guiding you towards a state of purity, clarity, and wholeness. The healing energy flows to where it is needed most, replenishing and revitalising your energy field. It acts as a gentle yet powerful force, harmonising the subtle energies within you and aligning you with your innate state of balance and well-being.

As the energy healing work unfolds, it supports you in countless ways. It enhances your overall vitality, facilitates emotional release, promotes mental clarity, and nurtures spiritual growth. By tending to the purity and clarity of your energy field, this transformative practice empowers you to embrace your true essence and walk a path of authenticity and alignment.

With reverence and dedication, the Mark holds space for your healing journey, allowing the transformative power of energy to guide you towards deep inner healing, renewal, and a profound sense of interconnectedness with the vast web of existence.

In addition to providing transformative sessions, Claudia and Mark also offer comprehensive training in the realms of Shamanism and Energy Healing work. They are dedicated to sharing their wisdom and empowering individuals to embark on their own journeys of healing and spiritual growth.

To explore the courses they offer, kindly navigate to the "Courses" section available in the top menu. There, you will find detailed information about the transformative educational opportunities they provide.