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What People Say About Our Work

Guided Meditation Teacher Training  

  It was a beautiful experience, very empowering and very healing to be connected, be fully myself in the here and now. The way Mark and Claudia led and hold the meditation teacher training is unique. I highly recommend it to all.


  The meditation training was incredibly fulfilling and a joyous course to be on. Beautiful connections were made between students, the teachers, the elements and our guides. I will cherish my learnings from that weekend. Not only we encompassed the years of knowledge from Mark and Claudia but each other as well. I feel so confident and empowered to take this meditation technique out into the world, for the world needs it            

  Since completing the course I have felt much more confident in giving meditations to family, friends and my community. I feel that my meditations have improved immensely.  

  If you are considering to learn to teach a guided meditation, I highly recommend the training with Mark and Claudia. They offer and hold a safe space for people to learn, explore and find their natural way to share the gift of meditation with the world.  

  Working with Claudia and Mark is a great priviledge ... A balance of deep work, lightness and humour.  

It has been very important for me the work of today ... I'm still feeling the effects ... and it's very powerful... it's still hard for me to formulate things in words...  

Shamanic Training Courses 

  I want to say thank you for your holding and guidance over the last year which I am sure will resonate for me long beyond the end of the actual course... probably through the rest of my life. The training has been everything I hoped it might be and more. I want to thank you both for the different ways you teach, which blend so effectively and offers such a rich insight into indigenous ways and ancient customs. I have really enjoyed meeting and working with you.  

  The very down to earth approach in the programme is very refreshing and stimulating. The facilitators have an excellent way of presenting and putting over the subject matter, helping to de-mystify so much. The Shared facilitating - Claudia and Mark - creates a spot-on balance of female/male, backgrounds, experience, etc.  

  The one year course has been a crucial awakening of my self worth. I am energised with positivity after every meeting, the training has helped me harvest the best in myself and appreciate those around me.  

  Wanted to thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to be part of something so beautiful and amazing. You both always stand still and strong, unwavering in your love and integrity. It has bought me more than you could ever know or words could ever hope to express.  

  The One Year course is a very thorough course, at times demanding; managed with compassion and tenacity.  

  It is nurturing and removes the blocks that appear to be fixed.  

  Amazing and deep work.  

  It will let you find new ways of exploring your reality. It will challenge you. It may increase your power.  

  Good opportunity to see a different side of things. Getting close to nature is an important part of the course.  

  I like the fun element! My recommendation: Go and enjoy it.  

The Feather Stone - Energy Healing work

  I think one of the most important things that I have learnt on this course is learning to trust my intuition.  

  During the course, I came in touch with that part of me that had been with me for many years in different ways and forms, which now was manifesting and realising itself in another more formalized (official) way.  

  I think Mark and Claudia are brilliant at encouraging us to trust our guidance from spirit, however odd or whacky that might appear.  

  Confidence is a big thing for me. Trusting and knowing that I am working with spirit when perhaps, my mind is not consciously aware of the work.  

  I just like to say that "humour and serious lightness" lives on in me, and during the course of the last year or so, regardless of 'everything', I have un-covered/discovered ways and means of letting the healing show forth. With a 'hands on' approach of course!  

  It has been an incredible year or learning and, as a healer I am much more drawn to working with energy/spirit than with the physical. With level 1 and level 2, we only did 3 days of course but it has unleashed so much amazing healing and learning!  

Vision Quest

Dear Claudia and Mark,

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you both for all your work and care leading up to and during my vision quest. 

I have felt very supported through the whole process thanks to your attention to detail and your wisdom, imparted, as always, with a large slice of fun and a lot of laughter! 

The quest was a truly powerful, amazing experience. It was beautiful to be held by nature (yes even with that wind) and to receive her healings and teachings. 

Your mirroring back was incredible and made everything so much clearer. There are many important details in there that I would have overlooked. 

It is certainly going to take a while for everything to settle in and to fully realise the impact of the teachings I have been blessed with and the answers to my questions. 

And how wonderful to have three new sisters!! We all got on so well and there has been a special bond forged that I think only going through this sort of 'adventure' together would have created.

Life is SO good. Thank you! you are two very special people.

With gratitude and so much love. From D. R.