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Shamanism as Medicine

by Claudia Goncalves

On this unique book, Claudia Goncalves guides you through the numerous journeys required of a shaman-healer, providing both caution and encouragement to people seeking to access the spirit world, heal themselves, and go on to heal others with shamanic 'medicine'.

An authentic voice in the field of shamanic practice, Claudia presents personal testimony, case studies and describes her personal struggles, providing a sort of initiation into the world of shamanism. She acquires the reader with the depth and breadth of not only the services offered when one seeks shamanic healing but also the requirements for each and the benefits for one's health and wellbeing.

Also extremely valuable in the book, is Claudia's detailed description of a vision quest, which she presents as a daunting but ultimately doable thing if one has the commitment, dedication, and fortitude to undergo it. Throughout the book, Claudia shares teachings she has received from North American tradition and teachings she has received from her own South American tradition.

Self-knowledge is the foundation for self-empowerment.

Renegade Blue

by Mark Halliday

Following a disastrous mission, sheriff Luten's career in interplanetary law enforcement is cast into doubt. He is given a last chance task: Return three escaped fugitives from a penal continent on planet Earth. Coupled with a trainee partner he initially dislikes (a feline hybrid) they embark on a manhunt for the renegades, becoming embroiled in a planetary war, a mysterious serial killer and a climax with the malevolent beings at the centre of our galaxy. Renegade Blue is a thrilling action adventure story, a 'space western' which is laced with epic battles and wickedly black humour.


by Mark Halliday

In the 23rd century a young woman disillusioned with the sterile life of a utopian society is taken on a profound journey of self discovery and personal transformation. She encounters a wealth of powerful secrets, from the hidden depths of Edinburgh's underground to the devastating revelation within a forbidden region.

Throwback: Sequel to Otherworldly

by Mark Halliday

In this explosive sequel to Otherworldly, Julie Christie is on a desperate hunt for her missing father, held captive in the hands of the psychopathic power monger Harry Tinker. As the hunt takes her from Edinburgh's sleazy streets to the breathtaking Highlands she unexpectedly becomes prey to the merciless INTsec moderators. Her only hope for her father and her own salvation lies with the man who tried to kill her. The final thrilling climax in the cathedral of Notre Dame decides the fate not only of Judy and her friends but the lives of thousands of innocent children.