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Mini Quest in Nature

When and Where


today  17 and 18 Aug 2024 taking bookings
account_circle Guides: Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday

place  Community Woodland in Balerno

schedule  11am to 7pm. The arrival time is around 10:30am for

11am start and finish around 7pm. If we can, we will finish earlier.

"The Teachings of the 4 Shields in a Mini Quest"

Discover a Transformative Journey

Are you seeking a profound connection with nature and a deeper understanding of yourself? Join us this summer for "The Teachings of the 4 Shields - Mini Quest" a unique two-day immersive experience that harnesses the ancient wisdom of the 4 Shields in a mini vision quest. This program is designed to guide you through personal transformation and empowerment.

It is possible to attend online if you have access to nature. You would receive the teachings and the instructions, spend time in your power spot and come back online to work with the group.

Programme Highlights:

* The Shield of the South: Embrace growth, passion, and playfulness

* The Shield of the West: Engage in introspection and transformation

* The Shield of the North: Connect with wisdom and completion

* The Shield of the East: Begin anew with clarity and vision, integrating newfound wisdom into your life.

What to Expect:

* Deep Nature Connection: Experience the power of ceremony within nature, fostering a profound sense of renewal and sacred perspective.

* Rites of Passage: Participate in ancient practices that guide you through personal transformation and empowerment.

* Reflective "Mirroring": Receive spiritual insights as Claudia and Mark reflect back the significance of your journey during your mini quest.

NOTE: For those who wish to deepen even further their connection with nature, you are welcome to camp on Saturday night. Please bring your own camping gear. If you prefer to go home, that is absolutely fine as well.


Land Acknowledgement

If booking in person, your Mini Quest will take place in Balerno. Its name derives from the Scottish Gaelic Baile Airneach, meaning "townland/town of the hawthorns". The earliest written records of Balhernoch or Balernach are found in the late 13th century.In Celtic mythology hawthorn it is one of the most sacred trees, it is connected to the heart and symbolises love and protection.


  Exchange: ££210 | or £193 | or £176 | or £144 | or £127

Note: We reserve the lowest price for people on benefits, pensioners, full time students, and people that a family member or partner is paying for them and their family income is low.

Those who feel the call to do this work but are restricted financialy, please contact us to discuss about dividing it into instalments. We would like our work to be accessible to people of all financial means.


Questions we ask in your booking:

  1. Your full name and mobile number
  2. What inspires you to take part in this work  ?
  3. Do you have any health condition?
  4. Do you have any special requirements or needs: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual?
  5. What support do you feel you will need?
  6. Are you taking any medications? If so, for what?

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What to bring

A notebook, a blanket, some light food to share in the evening. We will be fasting during the day. We will offer soup with bread or salad for everyone in the evening. There is also a Co-operative 3 min by car from where we are where you can buy something.

We will work mostly outdoors and sometimes inside a yurt so please bring with you warm waterproof outdoors clothes and outdoor boots. If you are camping bring your tent and sleeping bag. We can offer communal pots to cook around the fire, cutlery, bowls, cups, water and tea.

Confirm your place with an £80 deposit

After you book, you need to confirm your place with a £80 deposit. The email we send you will include the paypall or account number for making the deposit.The deposit will be deducted from your payment


If you would like a B&B, we recommend these B&B nearby.


  Dear Claudia and Mark

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you both for all your work and care leading up to and during my quest. I have felt very supported through the whole process thanks to your attention to detail and your wisdom, imparted, as always, with a large slice of fun and a lot of laughter!

The quest was a truly powerful, amazing experience. It was beautiful to be held by nature (yes even with that wind) and to receive her healings and teachings. Your mirroring back was incredible and made everything so much clearer. There are many important details in there that I would have overlooked.

It is certainly going to take a while for everything to settle in and to fully realise the impact of the teachings I have been blessed with and the answers to my questions.

Life is SO good.

Thank you! you are two very special people.

With gratitude and so much love.   From D. R.