Feather Stone - The power of unconditional love
- Energy work training

by Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday

The Soul is the light body of our memories, patterns, and feelings. Soul energy resonates as colours vibrating at various frequencies and levels imbued with symbolic prints, each unique because each one of us is unique.

Our being is experienced through the inner child-Feeling soul full again: The fire within, spiritual energy. The soul is animated by the fire of our spirit. The fire of love, pure and gentle. The fire of creator, loving us from within. We reconnect feeling the sensitivity of the inner child, sensing the self.

Our vocabulary furnishes various descriptions of self; ego, I, being, the individual personality. What is personality? A genetically encoded neural network? A conscious web of learned experience? The crystallized energy in the soul? A semantic path of unanswered questions? The answer is found in the immeasurable great mystery: Love.

To connect with unconditional love, simply remember the love that heals everything. Like the devotion of an eagle feeding her chicks, a bear defending her cubs. Expanding our soul to the fullest potential. Think of the mind as being around you and not just the brain in our skulls. Think of the body as inside the mind and await the shift of perception. The real mind is around us, an infinite cloud of energy, then feel the Luminous energy inside of us, expand to an egg, a cocoon of energy around the body. These are the little steps on the road of soul power.

When we have traumas from the past, we have to release it to a soul level to bring it out. We often try to release it at head level. We must go on a deeper vibration of a level of being.

The energy of unconditional love is the consciousness of creator. This is the energy we channel with the FeatherStone, the power of Unconditional love. Then we channel that energy into the hands until we feel the hands glow with love.

Everything we have learned is in our aura. There are also the scars, the pain, imprints of anger. When we scan the aura, we run our hands down the aura and we connect with the feelings: this feels hot or cold here, for example, subtle sensations on the palms. The way to cleanse the aura is by moving the hands from up to down the energetic body. Like the physical body, when we release from the body, it goes down.

Tapping is like a playing a drum: you tap and that releases the energy, like rain drops. Facilitating and releasing.

Feathers come from birds. They hold spiritual energy, they are the manifestation of spirit. They are extremely durable and tough. Feathers don't decompose easily, they hold spiritual energy. Feathers work like a comb, you can gently brush.

Stones have ancient power. They were born of fire. We call them grandfathers. They hold the spiritual connection of the fire, power of ancient wisdom. When we put a stone on the person's body, it works like a sponge.

When you break a stone in half, you effectively expand its energy. How did this stone come here? By billions of years of conscious knowledge. The Intelligence, the spiritual consciousness of the stone will balance the person's energy.

If a person is agitated, the way to balance that person is to get him/her to hold a stone for half hour or one hour. We let the stone do the work.

Feeling the pulse

The heart is the closest organ to the lungs. The lungs connect to the breath. The breath connects us to Spirit like a river to the sea. When you hear the person's pulse, you directly connect to the heart, the lung, the breath, to the spirit. A wonderful technique to calm a person down is to touch their arm and feel their left pulse.

Native people understood the relationship between the left side of the body, the heart, and the feminine power for thousands of years.


There are very sensitive vortexes of energy in the hands. In the Celtic culture, the palm is a sacred symbol of spirit. Bring your hands in front of each other, gradually bring them together, gently, feel the energy. Our palms are used as detectors, but also as the tool of channelling energy.

Creating our own code

Creating our own code is living by our own integrity; the integrity that comes from our soul, our truth. It is part of how we walk our spiritual life. The role of the good practice means it comes from the heart. If it comes from the heart, then it can't go wrong.

Transmuting negative energy

When you have energy which needs to be transmuted, it is up to each person the method they use. Sometimes flicking the finger will bring the light and sparkle of the energy. You are not destructing anything, you are releasing it. The life force inside that energy is released, freeing the light.

Sometimes the guides will come and deal with the energy, sometimes you will flick it into the earth, sometimes you will transmute it. Transmutation is the change from one form to another.


The same way we open sacred space, we close it by just reversing what we did. We then focus entirely in our body: I now close this work. I thank the creator.