Feather Stone - Lets talk about the next levels of working with energies

by Claudia Goncalves

This paper is related to Level 2 of the Feather Stone - Energy Healing Work The Power of Unconditional Love

What is it that we need to learn about the next level of working with energies?

First of all we need to learn to be comfortable, always very comfortable. This is very important. To be able to work at this level, you cannot afford to be concerned with the physical world, or bodily processes like being cold, hungry or tired. You need to feel safe, you need to be relaxed and you need to be able to disconnect from the physical world. It will bring you to another level of awareness. What you will be doing on this next level of awareness is to channel what you have learned from the spirit world into the physical world.

If you are carrying out healing, you are bringing through energy that you can ‘put your hands on' in the Spiritual world and bringing it to the physical level of the person receiving the healing. You have worked with that a number of times over recent years. However, there is a much deeper level for you to move to, and for this, awareness of the physical world has to be completely removed. For you to be able to work in this way there are still a few things that need to be learned, a few edges that needs to be cut in order to prepare you for this other level.

This other level feels very much connected to the head. Indeed, it is through that organ of the physical world, your intelligence, that you will be working, and which will connect you to your crown chakra. But for you to connect to that level, the heart chakra first needs to be open. Although you may feel you are in your head, you are not. In fact you are working from your heart. Coming from the heart, you will find that the communication is easier and the more you work this way, the easier it will become. Your job is always to come from the heart. Whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever words come from your mouth should come from a place of love, from a place of divine beauty.

The teachings on this level are very much concerned with others, with how you can move a further step in consciousness to support your fellow beings. It is the direction of North on the Medicine Wheel, where you no longer need be concerned with the self, for here the self is at peace. But the self needs to learn to be at peace with others too. If there is still conflict with others, those little sharp edges of the self will need to be smoothed or removed. This is a place of communion, communion with others, and all that is. At this level of consciousness of joy and beauty, your head is going to be of great help to you. However, you do have to watch out for the traps set by the mind.

For you to be fully learning the lessons of this level, you must always bring yourself back to the heart. The last attainment on the West of the Medicine Wheel is this heart connection. Only when that is achieved, when it is fully developed and mature, are you ready to move to this further level.

You need to be constantly aware and conscious all of the time, for fear will make itself known. The way to deal with fear is very gently to give it healing, to calm it down. Do not allow your mind to take over - the crucial balance lies between your heart and your head.

This level of attainment is one of the hardest ones. You have now found the path of the heart but the path of the heart is still new to you. Therefore you will always need to keep checking. Ask yourself, ‘while I walk this new path, does it feel soft under my feet?' If it does not, then you are on the wrong track. All your life you may have walked the wrong track. In contrast, the path of the heart is smooth, not hard at all. It is the most beautiful and easy path to walk.

Wanting to know ‘why' is natural. Wanting to ‘understand' is natural - after all, it is food for the mind. But always remember, you do not have to fully understand, you do not have to fully comprehend ‘why'. All you have to do is trust in the process of ‘here and now'. The process knows better, the process has its own maturity, its own wisdom. It may not be understandable right away, but all becomes clear in time.

In this next level of attainment, do not concern yourself with explanations, with understanding the mechanism, with this or that, or with what is supposed to be best or worse. Concern yourself with highest purpose, align yourself with highest truth, align yourself with highest understanding and align yourself with the greatest compassion. For it is from this place that you can and shall work. Do not be concerned with matters of the physical world, for the Spirits will take care of that for you. They might be slow, they might take some time, but they will assist. They will be able to resolve the concerns that you have in the physical world, so hand those problems over to Spirit.

Your job is to stand and open your hands in prayer. Be open, humble and joyful. Yes, fear will always crop up, but do not allow that to deter you. Let Spirit help you, let Spirit show you what to do. Trust in the wisdom of the Higher Self. The higher the state of being, the greater is the light.

We are moving towards a new era, a new time of great consciousness, and the struggle is greatest for those who are unable to let go, to stop making judgements, or to see beyond the physical world of the self. Yet with time they shall, for through the struggle they will be guided to move to a new level, of a higher and more expansive level of consciousness. In this task, we must all move forwards together. The more you open yourself up and move to this new level, the more you will be helping others who are struggling to do the same, to move beyond the apparent duality of the two worlds and to come to the place where All is One. Share your thoughts, your heart, your joy, your wisdom with others. This you will achieve when you have relinquished the self.

Celebrating 21 years of our work with the community.