The Language of the Heart

by Claudia Goncalves and Kwan Yin the Guide

A Meditation to connect with and open the heart, to enable knowledge of pure heart, compassion and soulfulness to take place

The labyrinth of the heart can be difficult to navigate sometimes. Those who hold love and compassion in their hearts, are given the map of heart wisdom. Our ability to touch that which is invisible, to touch that which is powerful and to touch that which is graceful lies in the heart and the heart alone.

The legacy entrusted to us humans, but which we so often fail to recognise, is the power of the heart. Creativity comes from the heart and healing comes from the heart. The power to create peace comes from the heart. It is when the heart is closed that intolerance, anger, aggression, war arise.

Let's start by focussing on how we may work with the heart: Yoga, meditation, tai-chi, magical passes, are some of the many ways given to us to help open the heart. But a simple yet profound way to begin is with this short meditation:

Sit comfortably in a place where you will not be disturbed, with both feet resting on the floor or ground and your knees a little apart. Your spine must be upright so that all your chakras are in alignment. Place your hands, palms up, either on your lap or resting lightly on the top of your knees.

Visualize the colour of rose quartz and bring it to your heart. Resonate with that colour, experiencing your heart glowing with the warmth of the rose quartz. Now let that colour flow into all of your body. Deepen the colour with every breath. As you do so, your breathing automatically starts to slow down. The resonance and vibration of love in the heart begins to grow and strengthen. Hold that resonance of love within the core of your being, within your heart and in the palm of your hands, thereby making an offering.

Think of those people in your life who bring challenges to you now and again. Take that rose quartz light to them for they need healing too. Think of the ones who are more challenging than others. As you grow in your love, as your rose quartz light expands in you, it will touch even those who are your greatest challenge.

Be aware of the light moving up to your head, where it has the power to dissolve the mental barriers between you and the one with whom there is conflict.

Don't be afraid to love! If you are finding it difficult to release the blockages within the heart, just repeat this ‘Meditation to Open the Heart' each day until you succeed.

When the heart has found release, you are ready to move to the next stage. Now attune your consciousness to an elevated level by visualising goddess consciousness or Christ, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Virgin Mary, Krishna, Allah or any other High Consciousness with which you resonate with - a consciousness that can hold the eternal flame of unconditional love and compassion.

This is how we change the world out there: by changing what is within, sending healing, bringing our own vibration to its highest level and resonating with peace, purity and compassion.

The word we must treasure is compassion. I invite you to put that word into action today.

Kwan Yin goddess image

By holding that resonance of deep love and compassion within ourselves, even for a short period, we will be contributing immensely to the peace and healing the world so greatly needs. For we are not separated from what is out there; what is within is without, and what is without is within.

This healing meditation, as well as for those who have challenging people in their lives is also for all challenges that are projected in world situations, such as Middle Eastern wars, famine, poverty, environmental pollution, AIDS, etc.

Claudia Goncalves