The Home of the Self

by Claudia Goncalves

The home of the self, the divine wisdom inspired from above, comes to you through your vocal cords, through your hands and through your heart and soul, to alleviate suffering everywhere, to untangle what has been tangled and to bring hope for the future. This divine wisdom from above is invoked in the service of love.

To open the connection between humankind and God, open your heart and body, open your mind and thoughts and let the divine message pour through you.

Welcome from the realm of Spirit. The magnitude of the self, of your true self, is in the process of discovery. The magnitude of the true self of all humanity is likewise in the process of discovery. The light has come. The wisdom has come for those who have been seeking. It has come from above as it has come from below. The place of wisdom is the place of the heart.

Welcome from the realm of the heart. To touch without heart, to reach without wisdom is not to touch, is not to reach at all. Trust yourself, for it is through that trust that wisdom will come. You must first become strong. You must also gather patience, for patience is power. The realms of the divine are happy to talk to you, and happy to talk through you. Open to more light, for more light is needed. Invoke more power, for more power is needed. Others will arrive in due course when the time is right. You must decide what your subject is and develop your focus, for a great deal of focus is also needed. Be aware that Spirit is working right now within you, opening the channel.

Divine Mother, Divine Wisdom, the Light of all Times, is within us. She has never left. There is the time of the Warrior, of male energy, and there is the time of the Divine Mother, the healer. What we are seeing now is the return of the Divine Mother; the wisdom coming through is the wisdom of the Divine Mother. However, the Warrior needs to be there too, to protect her and to open the path for her to walk in beauty. This is divine law; it is the way it is and the way it always has been. The balance of the male and female energies within has not come about by chance, for there is divine law behind everything.

An epoch of great wisdom is approaching with 2012. We have passed the Age of Industrialisation, we are completing the Age of Information and we are now approaching the Age of Wisdom. With the Age of Wisdom will come the Age of Manifestation. For, as with every great age that has gone before, the soul yearns to manifest. The time will come when miracles like those performed by Jesus, Sai Baba, and other Avatars will be commonplace. With the manifestation of clarity, the manifestation of wisdom and the manifestation of love, all will be possible. But before that, there is work to be done.