Shamanic Initiations for Each Direction
of the Medicine Wheel

by Mark Halliday

All of us have already gone through many initiations. Knowing this gives us the power to consciously do it. When we see trouble and dramas as initiation, that is when we really get it. It puts us in a good place. If you are conscious of the bad stuff happening as your initiation, then it makes a huge difference.


Change all the perceptions you have of life. Vision quest to cleanse the spirit. You are a spiritual being inside a human body. Sweatlodge to cleanse mind, body and spirit.


Let go of the past. Heal the inner child, honour the inner child. First step to healing the wounded emotional self is talking to the inner child. “Go and have a word with yourself” we say that because our emotion is controlling ourselves. Shamanic journeys for healing, reconnection with nature, Sweatlodge to go back to the womb.


Overcome the fear of death. Our fear comes from our mortality. Sweat lodge, Vision Quest, Earth lodge, child birthing, having menstrual cycle. Die and re-born again.


Erase your personal history. Get your mind to the place of absolute silence, cleanse your mind of everything you know. Overcome the fear of what people think of you. Overcome the fear of losing your mind, of projecting stuff. Bringing the mind to the very point of stillness. When you get to that point, your spirit awakens. Sweatlodge and Sacred Pipe ceremony. Pray for yourself, pray for your people.

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In the Shamanic path, you are the teacher, you are the student. That is what makes this path so powerful!

Mark Halliday