Let Love Flow

by Mark Halliday

Let love flow. Don't resist love, let love into the body, the mind and the heart. No longer resist the pure love, your inner light. Don't obstruct your inner light. Allow love to flow everywhere in your body. No resistence is the road to the inner loving light. Own them and they will flow from you. We are attacked because we are attacking ourselves. When the outer critic comes to attack ourselves, is because we are critical of ourselves. The lesson is in the reflection of the inner; be gentle with yourself. To Know oneself is to know the nature of Spirit, to know the nature of the cosmos is to know the nature of Spirit.

Real Authority

To become an authority over oneself and to be authoritative, to speak and act with authority in a gentle and loving way is to be an author and write one's destiny. To speak with confidence and truth is real authorship in any subject which we teach. Become an authority in your passion, become an authority in your love and you will master yourself. Be an author of yourself. Be an author of your passions and your loves. To speak and act with authority is to live in confidence and truth. When one is an authority in one's self, one has mastered oneself. Being an authority is simply to accept that within you lies all the answers. To be an authority is to know that all the knowledge is there. To know the future is to realise that you already know the future. To know the answers is to realise that you already know the question and the answer in the book of your life.

Take a walk

Each step, each choice in life is a personal gain, power is gained with each experience and the higher you fly in your quest of power know this: that one must also go deeper in their humility. Every step, every action is an act of power. This must be counted, this must be also a way of knowing oneself. Each expansion of power requires the person to go deeper in their humility to become ever more humble. Caution is warranted: when we embrace our power without humility, that is a step into the shadow. To become powerful without going deep into humility is to become arrogant and to follow into a trap. To be humble and powerful is to be the master.

Self doubt

Self doubt is a creation of the mind. Two things happen: One who is grown up in a world of criticism then as an adult condemns. When one is criticised all one life, then one learns criticism, they will condemn themselves, they will condemn others, we must learn to release the criticism we have learned in our previous life. The path of criticism leads to condemnation of others and more especially condemnation of the self. Give up criticising yourself and self doubt will fall. From the view point of eternity, from the viewpoint of infinity, this is simply little clouds of dust, little clouds of sand stirred up, but it will soon settle when one ceases to stir the dust, when one no longer criticises. When we no longer criticise our family, our friends, our own self doubt will vanish like dust. Simply choose not to criticise, not to condemn and just say to oneself 'I no longer criticise myself'. Make the choice by saying to yourself: I no longer condemn myself, I free myself from my criticism, I free myself from condemnation - when one tells oneself this, this it is the teacher telling the student 'he is free'.

The mind

Mind is like the sea, it can rage and blow or it can be still. The mind is attuned to nature, all the elements in nature: water, fire, earth and wind. This is the nature of the mind, constantly moving, restless. To discipline the mind is to seek in nature what is good and still, peaceful: A summer's day, a calm lake, a still tree. Thoughts arise from the self. Thoughts arise from emotions. Thoughts arise from feelings. The mind and the emotions are like two lovers always dancing, always sharing and giving. When the relationship of the mind and feelings are in discord we have to bring the mind and emotions to touch each other again to love each other again. The mind is useful, the mind will guide your feelings. The mind can order the energy to move, because it is necessary.

The ego

The ego is simply the consciousness of being an individual, the ego is good. In a world of individuality, the ego learns lessons of selfhood, of selfishness. The consciousness we call ego simply looks after the body. But the ego, when the ego feels alone and separated it becomes imbalanced. Ego is part of who we are. To learn from separation, that all is one. We strive to learn as individuals, like a child who strives to be independent from the parents. This is the relationship between humans and god. Animals have no ego because they all know they are at one with god. Humans choose to learn through ego by being separated from nature. The ego is part of nature simply accept the ego and bring the ego into your love, don't seek to separate the ego from its already separate state. Retrieve the ego back into the loving light of your spirit. Reassure the ego like and adult reassures the child. It is loved and part of a family, the ego is just the consciousness of being in a physical body, of limited five senses. When the ego knows it is part of the greater pictur, the bigger picture, then it will be at peace.


Everyone has the choice. Everyone chooses their life which best suits their own development. Its true we are all one spirit. We are all one heart. But some of us choose to live alone and we have to respect them for that. If they wish to destroy themselves, it is their choice. Community is no longer a community. In the world today there are many separated individuals who choose to be apart, who choose to destroy, who choose to live in a world of greed and violence. However, choice makes one powerful, choice makes the character of the soul. Many, many people today are striving to bring everyone into oneness, back into wholeness. Soon will come the time when we will see that all is one. Three days will pass when the sky will blacken and fire burns across the face of the earth, every human will see in that moment the oneness. From that day forward they will have the choice whether to continue in separation or to continue in a whole loving world. Those who continue to live in separation will be guided to the earth and taken to a new world, a world appropriate for their development. Those who seek community and those who serve community are not human beings they are spirits. All spiritual community have had to be separated from humanity for many reasons. One. Noise. People who like noise are not at peace with themselves. Spiritual communities have had to be separate because of the excessive noise. The two do not gel, the two are like oil and water. Noise and peace. Those who love noise feed their own ego needs. Those who love violence feed their own darkness. They will be allowed to continue only so far they will be shocked into bringing themselves back into the oneness of life. Pain, yes. Pain is a loving friend that guides us back into the light. Until the day comes when community says no, enough, we can't live apart. But always choice, everyone has the choice to grow in their own conditions

Those who are rich and powerful and those who live on the street and mug and kill. They are closer than they think, and in between, the vast humanity seeking to bring the two together. As long as they choose to be apart we have to respect their wishes. Community is not a community when there is at least one person when that person does not wish to be in that community but we must always respect their choice.


Fear is an energy that is cold and hard and sharp like a knife. Fear is the consciousness of the dark. Fear is also a cry for love. Fear is the energy of a child crying to be loved. Fear is the consciousness of anger, aggression. Fear is not knowing who we are. Fear is jealousy and suspicion of others. Fear comes from the ego, from the negative self which sees others as better or worse than they are, fear is the energy of the frozen ice when the flow of life no longer is within oneself. Fear is like ice that has to melt under the sun of love. Fear is when the emotions and the feelings are blocked. To undo fear be patient with oneself, be tolerant with oneself and allow the inner light, the inner sun, the inner love to melt the fears and to know ones place in spirit. To overcome fear is to know that we are all the same, we are all unique we are all spiritual being within one spiritual being. You two have been guided because it is the will. I am christ, jesus, I have chosen you two to be my channels, you will publish these words, they are the words of the lord jesus Christ and I am with you always, this word will be in print. It is the will of the great spirit, I am always with you. Think of me honour me as your brother, not as your master, there are times when you feel alone, when you feel unhappy, call on me as a friend and I will be with you to heal you and heal you. I jesus Christ am your friend. Thank you for choosing this way. Great spirit has chosen me to be with you and I rejoiced to help you because there is no difference between us there is no separation between us, we are all one being it is and hour to serve you two, love is everywhere, love is in the clouds, love is always in you love is always present in you. Being sensitive of love, to be aware of love that never leaves you. Only we choose to turn our back on love. Love never turns its back on us. It is always there always inside, always around. By being still, by being calm and reaching out our feelings within and without do we find love. To be open and to feel the gentleness and softness, this is love. Love is the consciousness of oneness. |Be aware that love is the mind, the body, the soul and the spirit in happy union and togetherness. It is the active and passive energy,. Love is all, love is all love is the surrender, the yielding thee passivity, the passivity the calmness, the emptiness the space. Love is also the action, the movement, the energy, the light. From these two comes the one. Love is in all being and all things. Love is balance, love is harmony.

How can we elevate ourselves more from the physical world into the spirit world. And more out of the ordinary self and more into the divine self?

You are being prepared for the most beautiful life ahead of you. You are just in a very difficult area now. But this is a process of initiation. This is a process of growth. All these burdens will be taken from you in due time. You are learning now the most valuable lesson of the spiritual life: Grace. To live your life trusting, to live your life in trust of spirit. To have faith. Faith makes one a spiritual master. Faith is the seed of your being. Go into your business or work with a calm mind do everything you do in peace and acceptance, do everything with an open heart, to be calm, the storm all around you is the chaos, but within the storm there is a calm, there is peace. Aim to be tranquil within when all around you is in turmoil, be as a swan, flexible graceful, accepting ones journey, accepting that this is taking you to a happier time.

Have patience and faith. Trust. Trust that great spirit always provides when you have all the faith you will be given what you need. Only you allow what happens, only you allow the money, the food, the work you need. Allow these things to happen to you and it will be so. But above all you are learning authority, real spiritual authority. Regain the authority in yourself, regain the authority in your soul. Not to be hard but real authority is wisdom expressed with confidence, that is real authority. The only enemy is yourself. The only person who limits your life is you. Be happy. Be happy with all you have, be happy with your family. Be happy with your home. Be happy with your life and your life will increase the happiness. All is well in your life, always know all is well.

Let love flow...