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Village experience

Indigenous visit to Scotland

When and Where


today 31 Aug  to 03 of Sep 2023

placeAt the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre & The Planetary Hearling Centre's community woodland

placeMax 25 spaces per day. Booking in advance recommended.

todayNote: This is not an Ayahuasca event, it is an opportunity to work with 3 elders and a young Yawanawa'.


Meet our guests:

Maná Madhá

Maná has received from his own people, the name of "Santo" (Saint), what already tells us much about his noble mission on the service of healing.

Maná has received a traditional training that very few shamans [pajés] have today. He possesses an extraordinary knowledge of plants and a technique of spiritual healing that allows him in some cases to bring the disease into his mouth and materialize it into small stones that he then spits out.

Well known for his healing gifts, Maná is a great master when it comes to healing of a spiritual nature, being a "complete shaman", both in terms of physical and spiritual matters.


Ratsuhá Madhá

Ratsuhá also has received a traditional training that very few healers have today. Ratsuhá is a birth specialist having attended the birth of approximately 2,800 babies and also a plant specialist. She works together with her husband Maná in the healing arts according to the Madhá tradition.

Vêsku Yawanawá

Vêsku lives in the village of the Apurina people and has dedicated her life to the culture of indigenous peoples from several states of Brazil, especially women, aiming at strengthening the use of medicinal plants. She is the oldest sister of the spiritual leader Putanny and therefore shares with her the connection with her grandfather, a great healer who also knew many medicinal plants.

She is part of the Sitoakore Women's Organization, having organized innumerous events to exchange indigenous knowledge between 18 indigenous nations, thus witnessing and learning various healing knowledge with the use of oils, plants, trunks, leaves and roots.

Vesku has also developed a healing centre, the IRPY Instituto Runyn Pupykary Yawanawá, a medicinal plant pharmacy and a seed bank. She is a specialist in childbirth and an apprentice to healing and the use of medicinal plants.


Runuiná Yawanawá

Runuiná carries in his name the mystery of great healing beings of the forest. Grandson of a great leadership Raimundo Luiz Tuimkuru, he is the son of Vesku Yawanawá and Antônio Apurinà, two great leaders within the indigenous movement in Brazil.

He is an apprentice of Maná Madhá and did diet guided by Biraci Nixiwaká and his aunt Putanny in the Holy Village (Aldeia Sagrada). Runu is a very talented musician with a unique voice, bringing songs from a very deep Yawanawá root.


Acknowledgement by Cláudia & Mark:

In heartfelt remembrance, we would like to honor and acknowledge the revered elder Tatá Txanu Natasheni (Tatá Yawanawá), who has transitioned to the Spirit World. Tatá served as a profound bridge, connecting Brazil and Scotland in 2016. With his wisdom and radiant spirit, Tatá, at the age of 104, touched the hearts of many. It was his guiding spirit that led us back to the Amazon, igniting a deep commitment to support the indigenous communities through the Indigenous projects initiated by the Planetary Healing Centre and the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre. Tatá's legacy continues to inspire our work, and we hold his beautiful soul in eternal gratitude.

What Cláudia says:

I have had the priviledge to meet, visit and work with Shaman Maná, Ratsuhá, Vesku and Runuiná since 2016 and always wanted to share these experiences with the people of Scotland.

I feel really excited and deeply honoured that they are coming to visit us and share their wisdom. If you did not manage to go to the Amazon before, now the Amazon is coming to you.

How to book:

Village experience: 2pm to 9pm

Note: This is not an Ayahuasca event but a village experience. We will have Wisdom and Knowledge exchange, Rapeh and Sananga circle, medicinal plant baths, song circles and traditional artcrafts. The programme is the same each day but the energy is different according to the people present.

Personal Consultations 09:00am to 13:00pm

The possibility of personal consultations booked separatedly will be offered supported by a translator. Maná practices a very ancient and profound technique of healing, which is preserved in rare and very few shamans in the forest. Such healing is difficult to transcribe into words in the Portuguese language or any linear language, due to its complexity, and because it is based and rooted in other paradigms and visions of physical/material reality. In some cases, small stones removed from the body of the person receiving the treatment can be materialized, and a specific diet and protection are subsequently indicated.

Due to the great specificity of the healing work, Maná will only perform 4 consultations per day and they are booked separatedly in the morning. Another modality of service offered in the morning will be an "opening of the voice", a technique where body and spiritual work is carried out to deepen the study of songs. Anyone who is a student and knows the Yawanawá tradition in some depth will know how much the Kulina-Madhá people enjoy great prestige and recognition in this type of spiritual study.

Kambo cleansing on Sunday early morning

All funds raised, after flight and costs, will go to support the Madha, the Yawanawa and the Apurina communities. They are 3 different villages situated in Acre, Brazil. To book please pay 50% or 100% for each event booked. All 100% refundable if we cancel from our side, or 40% non-refundable if you cancel last minute without a replacement.

What to bring:

Please come in warm clothes ready for all weather. Layers are recommended and outdoors footwear. Bring a blanket, a packed lunch for 6pm, towel and bathing clothes for the medicinal plants bath (we will provide vegetarian soup, tea, coffee, water, cups and cutlery). We will have various gazebos, a bell tent and the yurt as shelters if needed and we will be seating confortably around the fire.


Meet at The Planetary Healing Community Woodland, Cockburnhill Road, Balerno, EH14 7JB. Bus 44 / 44A. Stop at the third bus stop after the roundabout. From there, proceed to enter Cockburnhill Road and walk for approximately 15 minutes until you reach a V junction, where you will need to turn right and walk for another 2 minutes. After arriving at the gate, follow the bridges.

IMPORTANT INFO: If you have any questions before or on the day regarding this event, please text: 075 0443 8763