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Cultural Exchange

Indigenous visit to Scotland

Village Experience


When and Where


today  End of July, beginning of August 2024

placeAt the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre & The Planetary Healing Centre's community woodland

placeBooking in advance is recommended to avoid disapointment.

todayThis is a great opportunity to meet 1 elder Shaman, spiritual leader of his people, a Chief and an musician who is also an apprentice to the medicine's ways.


Meet our guests:

About the Shanenawa people who are visiting:

The Shanenawa people (blue bird people) have lived on the banks of the Envira River in the city of Feijó, Acre in the heart of the Amazon rainforest since 1940. There are 1500 indigenous Shanenawa people distributed in 11 villages.

With their characteristic joy, they are a people who still maintain their traditions and culture, and are considered by all the indigenous people as doctors of the forest as they are scholars of medicinal herbs and are highly regarded for their rituals with Medicines.

The entourage coming to Scotland is made up of 3 people. Taking part is the 78-year-old Elder of the Village, Shaman Shetehu Shanenawa, who is responsible for passing on the culture, history and traditions of his people. His knowledge includes rituals, the power of healing through herbs and plants, in addition to his role as a spiritual leader, as he knows how to get in touch with the spirits and protective gods.

Cacique Ybá Shanenawa, son of Pajé Shetehu, who accompanies his father in the search for the valorization and transmission of forest knowledge and is responsible for being in charge of internal articulations and negotiations and serves as the group's representative in intermediaries with general society.

Also part of the delegation is the young musician and apprentice, Ybá's brother, Shane Shanenawa.


Shanenawa people

Paje' Sheterru Shanenawa


Shane and Yba' Shanenawa


What Cláudia says:

I have had the priviledge to meet, visit and work with the indigenous people since 2016 through the Indigenous people's projects The ancestors of this land have asked and entrusted me with the duty to call and welcome the indigenous people of Brazil to Scotland so they can inspire us with their way of life.

I feel really honoured with their visit and very excited to create this bridge for a cultural exchange to happen.

How to book:

Village experience

2pm to 8pm

To receive more information, please click on the link below.
Maximum 20 people per day.

Note: This is a village experience and a cultural exchange, not an ayahuasca ceremony. We will have Wisdom and Knowledge exchange, Song circles, Rapeh circles, Sananga circles and medicinal plant baths. The programme is the same each day and the energy is different according to the people present.

Individual Consultations

10:00am to 13:00pm with specific times booked.

To receive more info, please click on the link below.
Maximum 3 people per day.

Kambo cleansing

Early mornings 8am to 11am
To receive more info, please click on the link below.
Maximum 15 people.

Indigenous people have used kambo for centuries to heal and cleanse the body by strengthening its natural defenses and warding off bad luck. After capturing a giant monkey frog, Sheterru and his sons collect the waxy secretions, or kambo, from its legs. They then carefully scrape the secretions onto wooden sticks and leave them to dry. Once they have collected the kambo, they release the frog unharmed, back into the forest. During the kambo ritual, Paje' Sheterru will burn small holes into the top layers of the skin using the end of a burning stick. He will then apply a small amount of kambo to each burn. The shoulder is the typical location for kambo administration, but he may also apply it to the back, legs, or feet.

Why so early? Traditional kambo takes place with sun raising and fasting is required. A health check questionnaire will be send to you when you book.

What to bring

Village Experience: please come in warm clothes ready for all weather. Layers are recommended and outdoors footwear.

Bring a packed lunch, drinking water, a blanket, a small towel and either bathing clothes, sarong or short and t-shirt that you can use for the medicinal plants bath.

We will provide vegetarian soup, tea, coffee, water, cups, cutlery and chairs. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own camping chair if you have one.


Village Experience in the woodland: We will have various gazebos, a bell tent and the yurt as shelters if needed. Most of the time we will be seating confortably around the camp-fire.

Directions and bus

Cockburnhill Road, Balerno, EH14 7JB.

Please ignore Sat NAV at the end as it takes you to the next farm. Instead keep going straight ahead. We are the only house on the right side of the road about one mile into the countriside.

Bus 44 / 44A. Stop at the third bus stop after the roundabout. From there, proceed to enter Cockburnhill Road and walk for approximately 15 minutes until you reach the V junction, where you turn right and walk for another 2 minutes.


We encourage care share as much as possible. Please arrive 5 minutes earlier and park at Cockburnhill Road, near Pirnie Ha' house. From there, walk straight ahead for one minute and, at the V junction turn right and it is only another 2 minutes walk to the woodland.

There will be no parking in front of the woodland during the event except for those with mobility problems and If that is the case, please talk to us to reserve your parking space.

Toilet facilities

Village Experience: We will have a composting toilet in the woodland and if necessary, we also have the alternative of using the toilet at our house which is a few minutes walking from the woodland.


If you have any questions before or on the day, please text us on: 075 0443 8763