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When and Where


today Around New moon in Jul  2022 taking bookings now     
account_circle Guides: Claudia Goncalves and Mark Halliday

place Visiting and staying with the Apurina People   

building bridges of light by creating and      weaving knowledge between people

Meet your hosts

Santo Madija (Mana) spiritual leader of the Boacu tribe, taught by his father since childhood, Santo is a knowledge keeper of medicinal plants. His father played the hehete, a style of rustic violin and also passed this art down to him. Santo Madija is the Paje' Healer (Shaman) and wisdom keeper you will meet, do ceremonies and work with.


Nair Madija (Radzuha) the shaman s wife, is a doula, a healer and a strong leader for her people. Radzuha also holds the knowledge of the plants and she accompanies her husband in all ceremonies.


Antonio Apurina (Yakuty) is one of the leaders of the indigenous land of Kamicua, co-founder of the Spiritual Centre you will be visiting. Yakuty is an employee of FUNAI National Indigenous Foundation, a Brazilian governmental protection agency for Indian interests and their culture). He is on the way to retire from his position and he is a leader who makes crucial decisions for his people. He has been administrator of FUNAI in Acre and also assistant director of FUNAI in Brazilia in the past.


Leticia Yawanawa (Wusku) is Antonio Apurina s wife. She is the co-founder of the Spiritual Centre you will be visiting and the leader for the Indigenous women s group of Acre and Northeast of Rondonia. Leticia is a protector and cultural custodian of traditional cultures, with her work she helps over 18 tribes to preserve their traditions.  



 I would like to acknowledge elder Tata Txanu Natasheni (Tata Yawanawa) who is now in the Spirit World. Tata was the bridge that connected Brazil and Scotland in 2016. He was 104 year old and the most beautiful soul. It was Tata s spirit who guided Claudia back to the Amazon to support the many indigenous groups that the Planetary Healing Centre and the Edinburgh Shamanic Centre started to support with the Indigenous projects.

What Claudia Goncalves says

  I have had the priviledge to meet and work with Shaman Santo Madija (Mana), Nair Madija (Radzuha) , Antonio Apurina (Yakuty)  and  Leticia Yawanawa (Wusku) since 2016. I feel really excited to be your guide in this journey to my homeland Brazil. This is a dream I had for many years and I am so glad it is happening now.  This is my story behind this dream:  The little mouse was eaten by the eagle and little mouse then became the eagle.  I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your spiritual journey.             


Flights and hotels

Flights and hotels are covered by you and paid separatedly. You can fly to Brazilia with an international flight and then take an internal flight to Rio Branco with the Brazilian Airline GOL. Click here for more info. Please contact us for more information.

Guide, translator, interpreter and support for 10 days

 Exchange: £500

Our services will be from Rio Branco airport to the Tribe and back to either the airport or your hotel, it includes translation, interpreting and support for 10 days. In order to secure your place, a non refundable deposit of £250 is required and the rest is paid 2 Months before your journey to Brazil. Please contact us for more information.

Living with the indigenous people 10 days

Exchange: £1000     paid directly to the indigenous people

This exchange includes accommodation, food, all ceremonies and transport from the Airport in Rio Branco to the tribe. Please contact us for more information. In order to secure your place, a non refundable deposit of £400 is required and paid directly to the indigenous people. The rest is paid 2 months before your journey to Brazil. 

More information

During your stay with the Apurina people, your day will be filled with spiritual activities including jungle walks. There will be 2 to 3 nights of Sacred Ceremonies with the Shaman Sr Santo and his wife Nair Madija (Radzuha) who is a trully gifted Icaro singer , offering you the opportunity to go really deep on your healing and empowerment.

Bear in mind that the day s schedule can change depending on the weather.

Other ceremonies that will be available is Kambo Medicine, Herbal Baths and walks to identify medicinal plants.

Flights can be arranged into Brazilia and then Rio Branco. In there you will have one night of rest and following day you will be transferred to A Boca do Acre, where we will then ride a motor-boat and cross the river to the Apuriana Tribe.

Fauna and Flora: The Amazon Rainforest houses 10% of the planet s known species, so bring along your binoculars too for a closer look at brightly-billed toucans,scarlet macaws, hummingbirds and all manner of monkeys, to name a few.  Sr Santo and Leticia will offer knowledge of medicinal plants native to the area. As knowledge keepers they will be delighted to share it with you.

Some of the fascinating and unusual species of trees that you will see include the giant Castanhanheira (Brazil nuts tree) amongst so many others amazing trees.


 More details :

For 10 days, your accommodation will be the same as the indigenous people s accommodation: everyone sharing the same space in hammocks. You can also bring your own tent if you wish to. Accommodation and food will be basic ones and we will use composting toilet. Hammocks will be kitted out with mosquito nets to keep you protected at night. Baths will be in the river or within what the indigenous people call the bath house, a space with some privacy where you will use water collected from the river or the well for your bath. Drinking water will be mineral water or water from the well.

If you really wanted to experience how is it to live in a tribe with indigenous people, than this journey is for you. In authentic indigenous ways, everyone comes together, live together, eat together, hunt together. Everything is communal and no one has more than the other.

Welcome to Brazil! We are really looking forward to taking this amazing journey with you!